E-mail Edition for Sun, 15 Jan 2017 : Behind the Headlines: American Political Meltdown: Fake News, Fabricated Dossiers and Russia Hating E-mail Edition for Sun, 15 Jan 2017

Behind the Headlines: American Political Meltdown: Fake News, Fabricated Dossiers and Russia Hating
2017-01-15 17:00:00


As Trump’s inauguration day draws nearer, to say that there has been a complete melt-down among the Washington ‘elite’ (left and right), the back room boys in the « intelligence » agencies and their paid hacks in the US and wider Western media, would be a massive understatement.

All reason seems to have departed the ‘reality creators’ in the USA in their drive to shut out facts and ensure their ‘exceptional’ world-view prevails. But reality and facts are asserting themselves, primarily through the refusal of countries like Russia and China to accept a totalitarian ‘pax Americana’ that would see every other country bow down to American preeminence

In the face of such insolence, and with no real power to do anything about it, the Washington ‘elite’ have opted to double down on their propaganda and lies about Russia in particular, blaming that country and its leader, Vladimir Putin, for just about everything that is wrong with the formerly United States of America.

Join us this week on Behind the Headlines as we discuss this bizarre phenomenon and the ways in which the extreme subjectivity of American ‘leaders’ is now manifesting among the American people.

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Puppet Masters

‘New Era in Western Politics’: Le Pen uniting all Eurosceptics for ‘Freedom for Europe’ conference

Sergey Gladysh
The Duran
2017-01-15 21:00:00


The French Presidential hopeful Marine Le Pen will host a major Eurosceptics conference in Germany the day after Donald Trump takes office.

The « Freedom for Europe » conference is set to take place on January 21 in Koblenz, Germany. The event is being organized by the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) movement, and will bring together Eurosceptics from Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and and the Netherlands.

ENF is a political alliance of Eurosceptics in the European Parliament. It was setup back in 2015 and currently unites 40 MEPs from different EU countries and parties. The largest party of the group is France’s National Front, representing half of ENF’s MEPs.

Death Threats & Geopolitics: Glenn Greenwald & Tucker Carlson discuss Deep State’s war on Trump (VIDEO)

2017-01-15 19:42:00


Journalist Glenn Greenwald, who is not a fan of President-elect Trump, appeared on Tucker Carlson tonight to discuss the dangerous ongoing effort among powerful anti-Trump factions within the US Government’s « Deep State, » who have collaborated with members of the Democratic Party and the traditionally liberal media to inflict maximum damage on the incoming President. Recall Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s ominous « six ways from Sunday » comment from 10 days ago.
Comment: Further reading: Will the CIA try to assassinate Donald Trump?

Austrian far-right calls for banning ‘political Islam’ for ‘fascist worldview’

2017-01-15 19:55:00


Austria needs an « effective law banning political Islam, » said Heinz-Christian Strache, the head of the Austrian far-right Freedom Party (FPO), adding that the Alpine country should also stop accepting new migrants and refugees.

« Let us put an end to this policy of Islamization as soon as possible, » Strache said in a speech at the annual Freedom Party New Year’s meeting that was held in Salzburg, referring to the current EU and Austria’s « welcoming » policy towards asylum seekers from the Middle East and North Africa.

He added that, otherwise, Austrians and Europeans « would come to an abrupt end. » He went on to say that the current cap on new arrivals introduced by the Austrian government last year that amounts to 37,500 asylum seekers per year does not actually change anything. He also criticized a proposal recently introduced by the center-right Austrian People’s Party (OVP), which involves the reduction of this cap by a half to 17,000 people per year.
Comment: No one is safe when Western intelligence services actively support ‘fascist Islam’ around the world and ‘allow’ terror attacks to occur on their home soil.

Further reading:

How German authorities allowed well-known terror suspect Anis Amri to attack Berlin
John Kerry admits that Russia entered Syrian war to stop ISIS, U.S. used ISIS to pressure Assad


70 nations gather in Paris to discuss two-state solution but Israel and Palestinian Authority skip it

2017-01-15 19:36:00


France is hosting an international conference aimed at strengthening a global commitment to a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Both principal parties are skipping the event, however.

Some 70 nations, including members of the Middle East Quartet (the US, Russia, the EU, and the UN), other permanent members of the UN Security Council (China, Britain, and France), and leading Arab and European nations are attending the all-day conference in the French capital. The event was called last year by France as an initiative to reinvigorate the peace process.

However, neither Israel nor the Palestinian Authority will be attending the conference, despite having been invited. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the meeting « futile, » complaining that the Europeans and the Palestinians had « rigged » it against Israeli interests.

Kadyrov: Dangerous terrorist from group with ISIS links arrested in Chechnya

2017-01-15 20:24:00


An extremely dangerous terrorist from a group linked to Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) has been arrested in Chechnya, the head of the republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, has posted on Instagram, adding that more than 50 members of the group have been detained so far.

« On Saturday, Imran Datsayev, a highly dangerous terrorist, was detained. He had managed to escape during a special operation in the village of Geldagan earlier, » Kadyrov wrote on Sunday.

The militant was caught near a shopping mall in the center of the republic’s capital, Grozny. Police had blocked the man’s way and he threw a grenade at them, Kadyrov said.
Comment: See also: Russia: 8 Chechen militants killed in shootout with police

HRW’s annual report on Yemen war: Over 4,000 civilians killed, aid blocked, zero accountability

2017-01-15 19:21:00


Since a Saudi-led coalition intervened in the Yemeni conflict on behalf of its ousted president, at least 4,125 civilians have been killed, most in coalition bombings, Human Rights Watch says in its annual report.

The organization paints a grim picture of the situation, saying that Western backers of the intervention, particularly the US and Britain, don’t appear to be willing to investigate alleged war crimes perpetrated by the coalition, despite mounting evidence.

« Foreign governments have continued to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, despite growing evidence the coalition has been committing unlawful airstrikes. US and UK lawmakers, whose governments altogether approved more than $20 billion and $4 billion worth of weapons sales, respectively to Saudi Arabia in 2015 alone, have increasingly challenged the continuation of these sales, » the report said.

UK’s JLM considers legal action against Al Jazeera for undercover filming of ‘The Lobby’

2017-01-13 17:18:00


One of the organizations targeted in an undercover Al Jazeera investigation, exposing Israeli influence in British politics, is considering legal action against the broadcaster. The Jewish Labour Movement (JLM) has seen cause to consider a legal complaint against Al Jazeera after its series The Lobby recorded the group’s director, Ella Rose, in tears after an encounter with former Momentum organizer Jackie Walker.

Comment: FYI: Momentum is a group that supports Jeremy Corbyn, a pro-Palestinian leader.

Walker, who appears in the documentary series defending her position, has been suspended from the Labour Party and from Momentum, accused of making anti-Semitic remarks.


In the second episode of the series, the undercover reporter, who went by the name of Robin Harrow, filmed himself approaching a very distressed Rose. « It’s been a tough week, » she’s heard saying. « Essentially [pro-Palestinian news website] Electronic Intifada released that I worked at the [Israeli] embassy for JLM, and Jackie Walker has been slamming me online all week. I just had to stand in front of her; it was really hard. »

Now the group, which organizes Jewish Labour Party members, believes that Harrow’s journalism was unethical and are considering making a formal complaint. « There are other elements of Harrow’s behavior towards [Rose] whilst undercover that we have not been able to speak about publicly as, pending advice, we hope they will become the subject of a legal complaint, » a senior JLM source told the Jewish Chronicle.

A further source said to be close to both the JLM and the Israeli embassy was quoted in the Jewish News saying: « While this country has a fine tradition of investigative journalism, in this case Al Jazeera’s employee appears to have overstepped the mark, behaving unethically and used the cloak of anonymity to seek footage that can be presented out of its original context in order to incite venom and hatred against Israel’s supporters in the UK.

Comment: The JLM and Israeli embassy would say this anyway. It is part of the schtick. As Ilan Pappe says in the video, « In the past, anti-Semitism was hating Jews for being Jews, now Israel tries to extend it to say this is any criticism involved what Jews are doing is also anti-Semitism. » Attacking anything about Israel and what it is doing is an attack on Jewish identity, therefore anti-Semitism.

Comment: The Lobby, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 — a stunning series of behind the scenes manipulations, machinations, smears, plots, plans and clandestine activities to infiltrate and secure Israeli activists in the UK political arena.

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Inaugural slam plan: Anti-Trump protesters head to Washington with ‘sound and fury’

Sebastien Blanc
Yahoo News
2017-01-13 00:00:00


Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend Donald Trump’s inauguration, but hundreds of thousands of protesters are also expected in Washington next week to vent their frustration over his election win. Demonstrations are scheduled across the United States, but the focal point of anti-Trump ire will be in the nation’s capital, where a small minority — several thousand — have pledged to disrupt the January 20 inauguration ceremony.

The main protest will come the following day at 10:00 am (1500 GMT) — the Women’s March on Washington, which is backed by celebrity A-list participants including Katy Perry, Julianne Moore, Cher and Scarlett Johansson.

It all began with a simple Facebook post from Hawaii grandmother and retired lawyer Teresa Shook to about 40 of her friends. Word traveled quickly, and eventually made it to the pro-Hillary Clinton Facebook group Pantsuit Nation, which has nearly four million members. Now, nearly 190,000 people have said on Facebook they will attend. Another 250,000 said they were interested. « We expect elected leaders to act to protect the rights of women, their families and their communities, » organizers said in a statement.
Comment: Or they could stay home, take two aspirin, beat a pillow with a tennis racket and just get over the fact Trump won by popular vote and the EC. Are we mainly going to see a trash Trump bash or are there societal and governmental issues to rally around? The 1960s were a time of protest and change but it is unlikely the same currents run as deep in the US sheeple at this juncture. If they did, there would be rallies to dump Israel, get out of Syria, make Obama accountable, bring Killary to justice, free Snowden… But let’s not forget: The US public is mostly the unwitting victim of MSM, which is the dupe of…

Will the CIA try to assassinate Donald Trump?

Tyler Durden
2017-01-14 23:20:00


It isn’t just that Donald Trump routinely thumbs his nose at the establishment, insults media figures he sees as unfair and bucks conventional wisdom.

It is that President-elect Trump is defying the will of the deep state, military industrial complex base of ultimate power in the United States. That is why he is treading dangerous waters, and risks the fate of JFK.

Trump publicly dissed the intelligence community assessments on Russian hacking; they retaliated with a made up dossier about the alleged Trump-Putin ‘golden shower’ episode.

From London to Langley to Kiev: The foreign plot to oust Trump

Justin Raimondo
2017-01-13 00:00:00


Oh, the irony! Amid all the accusations of foreign interference in the election, the first solid indication of it showed up with the publication of a slanderous unsourced memo written by a « former » British intelligence agent accusing Donald Trump of various « perversions » and claiming he’s vulnerable to blackmail by those evil Russkies. The « ex »-MI6 agent, one Christopher Steele – how’s that for a name straight out of a James Bond novel? – works for « Orbis Business Intelligence, Ltd., » a high-toned London-based « private » spook agency usually hired by big corporations out to spy on their competitors or those pesky environmentalists.

According to press reports, Steele worked undercover in Russia for several years, cultivating a wide network of contacts who, today, regularly feed him information. It was through these contacts that he concocted a series of memos first reported by CNN and later published by BuzzFeed, the product of rumor, gossip, and innuendo – in short, the stuff « raw » intelligence is made of.

News accounts also report that it was Fusion GPS, a Democratic « research » firm, that got the initial contract, and was paid by the Republican wing of the « Never Trump » movement. After Trump won the Republican nomination, the ball was passed to the Democrats, who picked up the bill. Oh, but it didn’t end with Trump’s victory at the polls: Steele and Fusion GPS head honcho Glenn Simpson soldiered on: « By then, » the New York Times reports, « the election was over, and neither Mr. Steele nor Mr. Simpson was being paid by a client, but they did not stop what they believed to be very important work. »

Yes, out of the goodness of their hearts – patriotic duty, dedication to the victory of the West over the Evil Putinite Threat, and good old-fashioned stick-to-it-tiveness – the Dauntless Duo pursued their quarry through thick and thin, and they did it all for free, casting aside any thought of reward and abjuring the huge sums they are usually paid for such work.

We interrupt this fantasy to bring you an important announcement: it didn’t happen that way.
Comment: Trump is the victim of rumor splatters to see what sticks. The actions described above, if true, are an embarrassment of global magnitude. There is no question as to what the agency handmaidens of the Democratic party, the Obama administration and neocon cohorts want to accomplish. Knowing this, follow the breadcrumbs. Then take a hard, long look at democracy, who controls it and why.

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‘Golden Showers’: Repeat of 1924 Zinoviev letters that damaged UK Labour party?
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The Atlantic slams BuzzFeed for revealing how stupid CNN’s ‘Trump Dossier’ story really was
CIA, Obama and major media outlets trolled by 4chan fanfiction asserting Donald Trump was being blackmailed by Russian spies


Obama’s Farewell Address: Touting the Legacy, Exposing the Truth. Non Stop Wars, A Costly Six Trillion Dollar Legacy

Joachim Hagopian
Global Research
2017-01-15 17:52:00


President Barrack Hussein Obama delivered his farewell addressin Chicago last Tuesday night.

Honesty is not an Obama Virtue

Obama wasted no time uttering his trademark lies. In his third sentence he stated that his « conversations » with the American people « are what have kept me honest. » Honest? Are you kidding? This guy’s the most deceitful pathological lying president in US history. Two of his biggest whoppers out of the gate numbering in the thousands will go down in infamy:

‘Never again’: Western amnesia on WWII as NATO replicates Nazi Germany

Finian Cunningham
2017-01-15 15:35:00


NATO’s biggest buildup in Europe since the Cold War was met with official cheers in Poland and approving Western media coverage this week, but lack of concern in Western public discourse suggests a collective amnesia towards the continent’s horrific past.

Up to 4,000 US troops and hundreds of Abrams tanks and Bradley armored vehicles rolled into Poland after disembarking in Germany last week. Most of the soldiers were from the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team out of Fort Carson, Colorado. They represent the US army’s best assault units.

It is but the latest military escalation since the US launched Operation Atlantic Resolve with NATO partners in April 2014. That operation is said to be a result of the Ukraine conflict, which Washington and allies blame on Russian interference.



‘Capable of shooting down aircraft’: Spanish police seize €10mn worth of black market weapons sold throughout Europe

2017-01-15 16:59:00


Spanish authorities say that among the 10-12,000 weapons seized earlier this week are some capable of bringing down aircraft. The haul comprised illegally reactivated decommissioned weapons, which have been used by terrorists in Europe.

Police arrested four men and woman – all Spanish nationals – who had been operating a sophisticated trafficking network in several provinces across the country under the front of a historical weapons workshop that bought supposedly decorative firearms. The purchased weapons were then restored and sold on the black market throughout Europe.

Top Saudi cleric calls concerts & cinemas a ‘depravity’

2017-01-14 00:00:00


Cinemas and singing concerts are merely a depravity, Saudi Arabia’s top religious cleric said, adding that cinemas are dangerous as they may show films which are « immoral, » « atheist » and can change the country’s culture.

« We know that singing concerts and cinemas are a depravity, » Grand Mufti Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Al ash-Sheikh said in an interview on Saudi TV on Friday, as cited by AFP.

The heated discussion on cinemas and their ‘danger’ started after the top cleric was asked about the plans of the Saudi General Authority for Entertainment to license concerts and consider opening cinemas.

How bad is cybersecurity czar Giuliani at cybersecurity?: Pathetic!

Tim Johnson
2017-01-13 00:00:00


President-elect Donald Trump tapped Rudy Giuliani as his « go to » guy this week on cybersecurity, but it turns out that Giuliani’s New York firm could use a little better security of its own.

The website for the former New York mayor’s firm, Giuliani Security, is riddled with vulnerabilities, and numerous tech experts cackled over the irony on social media.

« You wouldn’t need to be uber-skilled to hack it, » Aaron M. Hill, a web developer at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, who was among those bantering about the website’s shortcomings on Twitter, said in a telephone interview.

Society’s Child

Bahrain: Three Shiites convicted and executed, first capital punishment since 2010

2017-01-15 08:47:00


Three Shiites convicted for being involved in a deadly police bombing in 2014 that killed one Emirati and two Bahraini officers have been executed in Bahrain. The executions come less than a week after the Court of Cassation – the country’s highest – has confirmed the death sentences originally handed out to the three suspects in 2015.

As a result of fears the authorities may go through with the sentences, hundreds of Bahrainis took to the streets in protest in capital Manama on Saturday. Word spread quickly over social media after the parents of the three were summoned to the prison to see their loved ones, Reuters reports.

The attack of March 3, 2014 saw three policemen killed while dispersing a protest in the village of Daih, west of the capital, when the attack took place.

The three men convicted in 2015 – Abbas al-Samea, Sami Mushaima and Ali al-Singace – have continued to maintain their innocence, and have had rights groups speaking on their behalf, alleging that their original confessions had been obtained under torture.
Comment: See also:

Theresa May’s plan for UK-Gulf relations: Trade first, human rights later
CNN sells Bahrain ‘favorable content coverage’


Satanist 17-year-old suspected of murdering his family with an axe

2017-01-15 21:02:00


A 17-year-old young man has been arrested in Russia’s central Tambov region for allegedly killing his sister, father, and grandmother with an axe. The suspect is reportedly a Satanist, who « wanted to change his life. »

On Saturday, police found the bodies of an elderly woman, a man, and a 14-year-old girl in the village of Sosnovka in the Tambov region of central Russia. All of them had been severely hacked with an axe. Though the girl and the woman were already dead, the man was still alive when police found him, but he later succumbed to his injuries in a hospital, Russia’s Investigative Committee said in a statement.

Police detained one of the victims’ family members, a teenager identified as Aleksandr Kireev, on suspicion of committing the murders. According to police, he may have carried out the heinous crime out of personal enmity or as the result of a domestic dispute.

Aleppo ‘signs contracts to revive production’ and kickstart economy

2017-01-15 19:28:00


A total of 14 contracts amounting to 1 billion and 100 million Syrian pounds have been allocated for the restoration of Aleppo. In an interview with Sputnik the governor of Aleppo, Hussein Diab, spoke about the development.

« The new contracts have been signed for collection and removal of debris, restoration of housing and communal services and rebuilding of infrastructure that was destroyed in the eastern districts of Aleppo, » Diab told Sputnik.
Comment: Aleppo’s Famous Street Market Opens For First Time In Two Years

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Britain’s first pregnant man says he has received death threats

2017-01-14 10:44:00


The UK’s first pregnant man told British television that he has received death threats from people who don’t understand his situation. Born a woman, Hayden Cross was undergoing hormone treatment when he took a break from transitioning to have a child.

Speaking on ITV in his first televised interview, 20-year-old Cross, who is now legally male, said « I’ve had some good reactions but I’ve had some bad reactions. I’ve had death threats, people threatening to beat me up. » He also said the anger directed towards him is the product of people not understanding his situation.

Cross became pregnant after finding an anonymous donor on Facebook. He claims that he took the drastic measure after the NHS refused to freeze his eggs.
Comment: The degeneration of western society is evident in all areas of life from the family model to the political sphere, all show signs of a regression to selfishness, confusion, and a decay of morality.

Mummy, why is Daddy wearing a dress? Daddy, why does Mummy have a moustache?
A world apart: Obama and Putin represent fundamentally different core values
Putin: The West is decaying, has no morals [Video]
Feminist Camille Paglia: ‘Transgender mania is a symptom of West’s cultural collapse’
The gender identity concept came from a pedophile and human experimenter
The Health & Wellness Show: The medical and social implications of gender multiplicity
Pope Francis slams « terrible and unnatural » practice of teaching gender choice to children
If gender identity debate at U of T was about free speech, then the battle is truly lost
Jordan Peterson: Gender pronouns and free speech war


Rep. Elijah Cummings staffer loses 6 children in Baltimore, MD house fire

Jessica Chasmar
The Washington Times
2017-01-12 17:40:00


Rep. Elijah Cummings gave a tearful statement Thursday after one of his staffer’s six children were killed in a Baltimore house fire.

Katie Malone, a special assistant at the Democrat’s Catonsville office, lost six of her nine children in a fire that broke out just after 12:30 a.m. at their northeast Baltimore home on Springwood Avenue, a local NBC News affiliate reported.

Two of her surviving children, boys ages 4 and 5, are listed in critical condition, the report said. Her 8-year-old daughter, whom fire officials said helped get her two brothers and mother out of the house, was listed in good condition.

Mrs. Malone was also hospitalized but is expected to survive. Her husband was at work at the time of the fire, NBC reported.
Comment: So heartbreaking. Our sincere condolences to Mrs. Malone and her family.

Jordan Peterson: He says freedom, they say hate – the pronoun fight is back

Patty Winsa
The Star
2017-01-15 17:23:00


Prof. Jordan Peterson paces in front of 200 students in a packed lecture hall, back in his psychology class at the University of Toronto this past week.

A month ago, Peterson wasn’t so sure he’d be here.

The 54-year-old has been at the centre of a debate about gender and free speech ever since he posted videos to YouTube last fall in which he said he would not use the preferred, gender-neutral pronouns of some students and faculty.

The videos drew fire from trans activists, faculty and student and labour unions. Critics accused Peterson of helping to foster a climate for hate to thrive. Protests, sometimes violent, broke out on campus, and the controversy attracted international media coverage.

Florida cop who paralyzed man has entire personal possessions seized to help pay for medical and living expenses

Claire Bernish
The Free Thought Project
2017-01-13 00:50:00


In what could be one of the most effective solutions for excessive force by police, federal marshals seized the personal possessions — from the sofa and lamps to clothing and an iron — of a South Florida deputy who shot a man holding a cell phone, paralyzing him.

Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy Adams Lin spotted 19-year-old Dontrell Stephens in a « high-crime area » — the man’s own low-income neighborhood — on September 13, 2013, riding a bicycle in a manner the deputy found suspicious.

Lin stopped the youth, who dismounted the bike with a cell phone in his hand and slowly approached the officer. Just outside the range of dash cam video, the officer shot Stephens four times — claiming he was in fear for his life — but footage and evidence clearly showed the claim to be baseless.

Three of the bullets remain lodged in Stephens’ body, according to the Sun Sentinel — two in his arm and one in his spine, which left him paralyzed and dependent on a wheelchair for mobility.

In a lawsuit against Lin and the sheriff’s office, a jury awarded Stephens over $23.1 million — an amount later slightly lowered to $22.4 million — which, as standard practice, would come straight from the pockets of taxpayers.

California university forced to cancel event featuring conservative commentator Yiannopulos and pharma exec Shkreli after heated protests erupt

Katie Utehs
ABC News
2017-01-15 01:01:00


The UC Davis College Republicans canceled an event featuring conservative commentator Milo Yiannopulos and pharmaceutical executive Martin Shkreli Friday after protests erupted on campus.

Protesters and people interested in the event were so heated they didn’t even believe that the event was canceled when it was announced. People for and against the event rallied for hours.

Protesters blocked doors. Police tossed them out. Nobody got inside, not even the Davis College Republicans’ headliner, conservative commentator Milo Yiannopulos.

« We came here to have an event that would promote free speech, » said Executive Director of the College Republicans at Davis Andrew Mendoza. « And we didn’t get to have any speech. »

The 400 free tickets went quick, and not just to students. Brandon Toney-James drove in from Sacramento. « Milo is a rising young conservative star, and I wanted to see him pretty much close and in person, » he said.

Others had no desire to see the commentator.
Comment: On college campuses now it seems it’s only possible to have open discussions as long as they are absolutely aligned with what the majority already believe in.

Universities aren’t a haven for free speech, but a breeding ground for indoctrination
Precious snowflake syndrome: The most ridiculous college protests of 2016


Man accused of brutally killing 2 women, burning house down after ‘hearing voices’

Fox 8
2017-01-11 08:54:00


A Washington state man is accused of brutally killing two women, decapitating them and then trying to set a house on fire to hide the evidence.

Pierce County prosecutors said 32-year-old Matthew Leupold attacked the women during a drug binge at a house in Tacoma’s Lincoln District, according to KCPQ-TV.

Leupold was charged Wednesday with two counts of aggravated murder and one count of first-degree arson after he allegedly told police that he « heard voices » telling him to kill Theresa Greenhalgh, 31, and Mary Buras, 22, in the middle of the night Jan. 4.

Lindsey Leupold, Matthew’s sister, was charged with first-degree rendering criminal assistance in the case.

Cheating wife stages home invasion to frame husband

Matthew Hendrickson
Chicago Sun-Times
2017-01-13 15:43:00


A woman and her ex-boyfriend have been charged with multiple felonies after they allegedly staged a home invasion last year in northwest suburban Maine Township and planted marijuana and a dead dog in her husband’s vehicle.

Mehwish Memon, 30, of the 9400 block of Bay Colony Drive in unincorporated Des Plaines; and Syed Hassan, 38, of the 2800 block of South King Drive in Chicago, were each charged Tuesday with home invasion, aggravated unlawful restraint and filing a false police report, police said.

About 11:20 p.m. Dec. 30, 2016, sheriff’s police responded to Memon’s home for a report of a home invasion, according to a statement from the Cook County sheriff’s office. Investigators were told a man in a black ski mask who was armed with a gun forced his way into the home. The gunman punched Memon in the face and tied up her 32-year-old husband with packaging tape before beating him with a stick.

Investigators eventually determined Hassan was the masked intruder and Memon planned the home invasion with him, police said.

Actor Zoe Saldana speaks out: Hollywood bullied Trump

Frankie Taggert
Yahoo News
2017-01-15 15:33:00


It isn’t an opinion heard frequently in the famously liberal Hollywood, but sci-fi queen Zoe Saldana has spoken out against the acting community for bullying abrasive Donald Trump.

The Star Trek, Avatar and Guardians of the Galaxy star — who is not a supporter of the Republican president-elect — believes insults flung at him during the race for the White House turned off much of middle America.

« We got cocky and became arrogant and we also became bullies, » the 38-year-old actress said of Trump, who has been frequently berated himself for bullying tactics, including seemingly mocking a reporter with disabilities.

« We were trying to single out a man for all these things he was doing wrong… and that created empathy in a big group of people in America that felt bad for him and that are believing in his promises. »

Saldana’s analysis echoes comments made by Hawaiian-born Australian actress Nicole Kidman, who told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show this week it was time Americans got behind Trump, who takes office on January 20.

« I just say he’s now elected and we as a country need to support whoever’s the president because that’s what the country’s based on. However that happened, he’s there, and let’s go, » Kidman said.
Comment: She is absolutely right. It’s refreshing to see a non-Trump supporter express some common sense.

Bizarre cluster of deaths strike soldiers assigned to Fort Hood Army base; 12 dead in 2 months

Ariel Zilber
Daily Mail
2017-01-14 15:01:00


The United States Army launched an investigation on Friday into the mysterious death of a soldier who was found unresponsive at his post on the Fort Hood base – the latest in a string of nearly a dozen deaths of soldiers serving in the massive Texas encampment.

Sgt. Alex Mathew Dean Taylor, 23, a soldier assigned to the 15th Military Intelligence Battalion, was found dead while on duty, according to Stars and Stripes.

Taylor had enlisted as an aviation operations specialist.

The army released no information about the circumstances of Taylor’s death.

‘At this point in the investigative process we do not suspect foul play, but have not completely ruled it out while we conduct a complete and thorough death investigation,’ a spokesperson for the Army Criminal Investigations Command said.

Taylor was a decorated soldier, having earned numerous commendations during his service, including the Army Commendation Medal, Army Good Conduct Medal, the National Defense Service Medal, the Aviation Badge, and the Air Assault Badge.

Who’s Your Daddy? Man ordered to pay child support despite not being father

5News KFSM
2017-01-12 10:19:00


A man in Oklahoma is hoping to change the law after he has to continue to pay child support for a baby that is not his, according to our affiliate KOTV.

When Thomas’ high school girlfriend got pregnant, he married her. Five months later she had a little boy and he believed he had a son, but their marriage fell apart.

Thomas decided to take a paternity test when the boy was three years old.

« It comes back zero percent. I was in my office and I saw that. I should’ve expected it but I didn’t and it hit me. I’m telling my co-worker how shocked I am that someone could do this to someone, » he said.
Comment: See also: Man who was proven not to be father still faces jail time over unpaid child support

Slaughterhouses across France to install cameras after shocking videos of animal cruelty

2017-01-15 09:35:00


All slaughterhouses across France will be equipped with CCTV cameras next year, the country’s parliament voted, after the emergence of numerous shocking videos of animal cruelty in the facilities.

The cameras are to be installed « in areas where the animals are delivered, kept, immobilized, stunned, and slaughtered, » the MPs ruled late on Thursday.

The deputies voted 28-4 in favor of relevant amendments to be made to a bill on animal cruelty.

In September, the France’s National Assembly has issued a report, which suggested 65 measures to improve the « transparency and the inadequate controls » at French abattoirs.

Setting up CCTV cameras and providing more qualified veterinarians at the facilities, in particular during stunning and killing, were among the top proposals on the list.

Norwegian school takes five-year-old children to see reindeer being slaughtered

2017-01-15 09:11:00


Preschoolers in Norway took a break from learning their ABCs to watch reindeer being slaughtered and skinned in a move which school says was aimed at teaching them about indigenous peoples who herd the Arctic animals.

Though they’re just learning to read and write, the administration of Granstubben Barnehage preschool believed their five-year-old students were ready to see Santa’s sleigh-pullers be murdered right in front of their eyes.

A video posted on the school’s Facebook page showed the children on the field trip, first viewing the reindeer while they were still alive.

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The pictures later turned more gruesome, with one showing a dead reindeer turning the powdery white snow blood red. Another image showed a child dragging a reindeer skin across the snow.

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