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The pro-Russia stance of Italy’s 5 Star Movement
Astana Summit: Ceasefire agreement and draft constitution presented to Syrian rebels
Popov: « War in Donbass has been postponed, but not cancelled »
Limonov: Matriarchy, ISIS, and « Filthy Rich » Trump’s Revolution
Peskov: Chinese rockets on Russia’s border? No problem.

The pro-Russia stance of Italy’s 5 Star Movement

Posted: 24 Jan 2017 10:01 AM PST
January 24 – Fort Russ News –

– Manlio di Stefano, spokesman for the 5 Star Movement, translated by Tom Winter
Beppo GRILLO, chief of Italy’s Five Star Movement
[Note: In December 2016 Matteo Renzi resigned when his constitutional reform measure was defeated. It was a victory for the 5 Star Movement, its principal opponent. Here, from its leader’s blog, is where this fastest-growing Italian political party is coming from. The statement dates from July, 2015.]

« The US activism in Ukraine and the growing militarization of Eastern Europe, where NATO plays war with the Kremlin, are becoming more intense and fueling a war — cold so far — that soon may become very hot and burning for the whole of Europe. We are against all this, and we will oppose it strongly. »

At a time of serious crisis for the economic and political dignity of our country, the 5 Star Movement has always fought in parliament against the sanctions imposed on Russia by the European Union, measures the Italian government has also contributed to and which weigh heavily on our economy.

We regard Russia as a commercial, economic cultural and historical partner, essential for Europe and for Italy, as well as a key international partner for the resolution of serious international crises.

For this reason we decided to go on a visit to Moscow and Crimea in October, to reiterate our clear NO to sanctions, a clear signal for peace and easing for the construction of new multi-polar world with respect for the peoples sovereignty, and self-determination, and a more just and balanced model of globalization.

A trade war to please the US

In a clumsy attempt to appease Barack Obama, the EU began a damaging trade war with Russia following the crisis in Ukraine, which, which has been suffering civil war since last April between pro-Russian separatists and the regular army for the control of Donbass, the (former) industrial capital of the country, now reduced to little more than a pile of rubble.

In a few days the counter-sanctions enacted by Putin on some European products, in response to the EU’s actions will be a year old. And it is therefore legitimate to ask how much it cost, and how much all this will cost us in the future.

In 2014, according to the Studies and Research Intesa San Paolo, which in March presented the data during a bilateral meeting on trade relations between Italy and Russia, commercial exchange between Italy and Russia declined by 17%, with a loss of € 5.3 billion compared to 2013, and a decrease in our exports by 11.6%, which means a loss of €1.2 billion.

The damage to « Made in Italy »

There are several sectors of « Made in Italy » that have been damaged. We have seen a slump in the textile and clothing sector (-16.4%), as well as the food products targeted by the sanctions (-38%), a trend also confirmed earlier this year. In January, in fact, the Italian sales in Russia fell by 36.7%, while in February there was a -28.5% drop.

« In this brief space we have burned years of work of Italian companies, » said Antonio Fallico, president of Conoscere Eurasia and Banca Intesa Russia – which had achieved an increase of + 327% from 2000 to 2013. »

Also ICE, the Agency for the promotion of Italian Enterprises Abroad, chaired by Riccardo Monti, during the last Forum in St. Petersburg, estimated the damage of this passive acceptance of the sanctions policy toward Moscow. Mechanical (-18%), semi-finished products (-19%), fashion and accessories (-22%), Food (-45%), furniture and construction (-22%), Transport (-59%).

« These sectors account for 85% of what the Russian Federation imports from Italy, » Monti explained last month, « and our country has lost 25% in terms of exports in the first quarter of 2015 compared to 2014. » Data that is also worrisome for the future, because the outlook is not entirely rosy if the EU does not immediately reverse course.

« The agri-food sector is particularly affected by the Russian sanctions, » Carlo Callenda admitted some time back. Callenda is the Deputy Minister of Economic Development. He was speaking to a meeting of the Industrial Association of Meat and Processed meat products. « In general, »he explained, « we are talking about a loss in total exports of around 3 billion euro out of a total of Italian goods exports of 400 billion. »

Insult added to injury

Besides the economic damage, for Italian companies, there was a double insult. The first is the risk of losing more substantial market share to other economies. Russia, in fact, is not sitting tight in the hope that the Merkel-Juncker duo will let its citizens come back to eating our Parmesan, but it is gradually replacing all products with those from the Eastern markets, such as China, Vietnam, India and Pakistan. Products which of course also include ragu made in Italy, which in recent months has seen a real boom on the shelves of Russian supermarkets.

The second relates to the lock on the Moscow financial sector, which prevents Russian banks operating and guaranteeing payment of Russian buyers against Italian suppliers, with almost unimaginable results.

With the sanctions all of Europe is the loser

We are not alone in suffering the disastrous consequences of all this. Recently, the Austrian Institute for Economic Research (WIFO) reported a study which stresses that the policy of sanctions could cost EU countries some 100 billion Euros and 2 million jobs in a long-term perspective.

In detail the numbers are scary.
Germany alone, according to the Austrian Institute calculations, in the long run could lose 27 billion euro and something like half a million jobs.

Immediately behind is Italy. In the short term (ie the first quarter of this year) we risk sending 80,000 jobs up in smoke and four billion and 140 million euro in value added generated by exports, while in the long run we may lose 200,000 jobs and a added production value of 11.82 billion euro. This dramatic picture does not exclude France, which would rise on the podium of this « special » ranking. Hollande’s country is likely to say goodbye to 150,000 jobs and 0.5% of its productivity.

The subjection of the EU today

Europe is not independent. The United States is dragging the EU into a crusade against Russia, which contradicts the historical interests of our continent. The blind alignment with US policies has created immeasurable harm from an economic point of view and a situation of high geopolitical risk for Europe. The US activism in Ukraine and the growing militarization of Eastern Europe, where NATO plays war with the Kremlin, are becoming more intense and fueling a war — cold so far — that soon may become very hot and burning for the whole of Europe. We are against all this, and we will oppose it strongly.

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Astana Summit: Ceasefire agreement and draft constitution presented to Syrian rebels

Posted: 24 Jan 2017 09:11 AM PST
January 24, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
RIA Novosti, translated by J. Arnoldski –

Moscow has sent a new draft constitution for Syria to representatives of the armed opposition. This has been announced by the head of the Russian delegation to the Syria negotiations in Astana, Alexander Lavrentev.

According to Lavrentev, the draft was prepared by Russian specialists.

“I want to emphasize in particular that this was done by us solely for the reason that we want to accelerate this process and give some additional stimulus without in any way interfering in the actual process of considering or adopting a constitution,” Lavrentev stated.

As a result of the talks in Astana on January 23rd-24th, Russia, Iran, and Turkey adopted a joint statement in which they announced the establishment of a trilateral mechanism for observing a ceasefire. Its details will be worked out via military channels between Tehran, Moscow, and Ankara.

Russia, as Lavrentev stressed, does not exclude the emergence of new guarantors for the ceasefire agreement, but they must have real influence on the opposition.

The head of the Syrian opposition delegation, Mohammad Alloush, in turn drew attention to Russia’s growing role in establishing peace in Syria and expressed hope that Moscow will continue to play a positive role in supporting a “real, just political process.”

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Popov: « War in Donbass has been postponed, but not cancelled »

Posted: 24 Jan 2017 07:22 AM PST
January 24, 2017 –
By Eduard Popov for Fort Russ – translated by J. Arnoldski –

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has signed a decree establishing a separate military air zone codenamed “East” in the skies over the republics of Donbass. The zone spans from the outer boundary of the coastal marine waters of the Azov Sea 12 nautical miles to the nearest point on the border with Russia. The newly created zone complements the existing military air district and the three military air zones “South,” “Center,” and “West.”

Let us identify the motives behind this decision and predict its consequences.

The military-organizational aspect does not appear to be the main factor in this decree. Thanks to the armed forces of Donbass, Ukraine has practically no air forces left. Officers of the Ukrainian army themselves have admitted this. The same goes for the Ukrainian “navy” even though there is an enormous number of naval officers and admirals in Ukraine. This indirectly confirms that the contrivance of the military air zone is a bluff and self-promotion operation.

As with everything that is done in Ukraine, there is more PR and advertising here than rational thought. Poroshenko, I believe, will use his own decree as an occasion to emphasize to the West that the main threat to Ukraine comes from the East. Perhaps this is another attempt to pave Ukraine’s way into NATO.

Poroshenko’s decree undoubtedly contradicts the spirit and points of the Minsk Agreements whose cornerstone point is the demilitarization of Donbass.

In Europe, between the “Berlin two” (Hollande and Merkel) who will soon enough resign, this decree violating the Minsk Agreements probably won’t be taken note of. But the administration of the new US President, Donald Trump, will take note – I hope. Then the Trump Administration will only be more convinced of the opinion that Ukraine is a huge territory of absurdity and chaos. But Poroshenko’s decision overall will not cause serious international repercussions.

Nevertheless, this news is disturbing insofar as it fits into the general picture of what is ongoing in Ukraine and is a continuation of the tactic of provoking Russia, similar to Ukraine’s recent missile firing exercises near the land and maritime borders of the Republic of Crimea. Sooner or later, these provocations could escalate into a major war.

My friends in the military circles of Donbass expect a Ukrainian offensive. This offensive was expected literally a week ago. There are more than enough signs that Ukraine is preparing for war: the concentration of military vehicles and manpower near the demarcation line, constant seizures of the “gray zones,” and reconnaissance attempts via forays are the most prominent warnings. An offensive in Donbass was even pointed out to be linked to Donald Trump’s inauguration but, according to one theory, Ukraine was not allowed to start a new war.

Coincidentally or not, on January 19th Sergey Shoigu arrived in Rostov, where the Russian Southern Military District Headquarters are located, as the newly-appointed commander of the district. Shoigu visited the recreated 150th Berlinsko-Idritskaya motorized infantry division stationed near the border with Donbass. This division, according to media reports, was also visited by European and Ukrainian observers who were conducting a check up on Russia’s military activity on the borders with former Ukraine.

If Kiev really had planned to start a new blitzkrieg against Donbass, this would have been extremely reckless at the time given the well-trained, fully-stocked division just across the border. Russia cannot allow for the death of (in the least least) dozens of thousands of civilians in the Donbass republics which would be the inevitable consequence of a Ukrainian offensive. In May and the summer months of 2014, Russia already faced a flood of refugees from Donbass which far outnumbered the migration flows into the EU. A new offensive by the Ukrainian army would be even more bloody. This is why I am convinced that Russia has already been conducting preventative work without which war in Donbass would have already long since broken out.

But equally true is the fact that the state of “neither war nor peace” cannot continue forever. The war will resume sooner or later. The ruling Ukrainian regime is caught between the hammer of military defeat in Donbass and the anvil of being overthrown by a new Maidan in Kiev. I am sure that the second threat is more terrifying for Poroshenko and co. Therefore, the war in Donbass has been postponed, but not cancelled.

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Limonov: Matriarchy, ISIS, and « Filthy Rich » Trump’s Revolution

Posted: 24 Jan 2017 05:47 AM PST
January 24, 2017 – Fort Russ –
Eduard Limonov, SV Pressa – translated by J. Arnoldski –

Eduard Limonov is among the most controversial and revered figures in modern Russia. Widely known for his founding and leadership of the National Bolshevik Party, Limonov is both famous and infamous as a former Soviet dissident-turned-emigre to New York, prolific novelist, and radical political activist. His semi-poetic columns, such as the one below, are featured regularly by Svobodnaya Pressa, a leading Russian analytical journal.

Everyone was more busy with Clinton than Trump, so that SHE wouldn’t win.

This utterly false woman was ready to become the president of the United States. This was evident in her greasy smile, her past, and her connections. “We’ve all but had enough of this!”, everyone thought across America and the whole planet.

In a sense, voting against Clinton was an anti-woman choice. All the tales of how women are not bloodthirsty were successfully dispelled by Madame Thatcher, who starved two million English miners and effortlessly rushed into a war over rocky islands off the coast of Argentina.

“No thanks,” they said in the US, and didn’t elect Clinton. Only her shoe was left on the sidewalk, remember [1]? And her emaciated husband Bill didn’t take his eyes off of Trump’s daughter the whole inauguration.

He’s probably laying beaten up by his wife now.

Wonderful! Many breathed a sigh of relief!

But now women’s souls are left with bitterness.

This bitterness was just expressed at the march against Trump by the muscular Madonna. A fifty- or sixty-years-old aunt in girls hat with horns. She agreed to the fact that she wants to “blow up the White House.”

I don’t believe that she is sincere. She comes from the tradition that female stars can do anything. But here comes Republican Congressman Newt Gingrich, and he calls for Madonna to be punished for such a statement: “She is parallel to the young fascists who ran around town breaking windows, all of whom should be given the maximum sentence.”

Madonna is an old fascist, not a young one.

Feminine fascism has existed for fifty years already and is very widespread in America. Its nest is there. It started with the Hollywood beauties and spineless men, and now it is finishing with aggressive lesbians and the Madonna phenomenon. They even dragged old Angela Davis out to the rally against Trump. I remember her as a young communist.

Women have turned out to be the segment of the population most dissatisfied segment with Trump. It’s as if a womanizer, a lady’s admirer, and an organizer of beauty pageants has become president, but they’re not dancing on the square out of joy, but have come out onto the square with anger.

This is because they’ve realized that there will be no more of all these ingratiations to the ladies, there will no longer be even equality of the sexes favorable to American women. The world will become manly. It is forced to become manly.

A new element is pushing the inhabitants of our planet towards a manly world, and this is none other than the hellish inferno of the Caliphate where a woman is stranded and subordinated to men. Goodbye busty goddesses, drunken Marilyn Monroe and Madonna; the serious world of suicide bombers and severed heads demands that Europeans and Americans become macho. And they will, or they will perish under radical Islamist sabers.

There will be no more ladies’ flatterers, and Trump is the same puppet of History as we all are.

The ladies have understood correctly: the matriarchy has ended. With Trump has come the patriarchate. The screws are being tightened on women. This will start in America and go all the way to Australia, because there in Australia ladies, women, and females have also taken alarm and come out to protest.

So who is Mr. Trump?

We already know that he is bringing death to the matriarchy, the modern form of matriarchy.

He’s appointed two ministers – of defense and internal affairs – and both are marine corps generals. Hu-ah! – these kinds of shouts are appropriate here. Please note that these are generals from Obama’s time as well.

Trump doesn’t have his own party. He figures among the Republicans, but he is not the leader of the Republicans. So he had to drag out the moss-covered generals – yes, Obama’s. There is nothing good in this, because there is nothing new in this. Everything is old. But he promised something new.

He introduced himself as and led the election campaign as a man opposing himself to the establishment. But he’s taken on ministers from the establishment. And there is no “The Other America” party [2]. None.

The anti-establishment president is thus compelled to form a government out of heroes of the establishment. This is fraught, you will agree!

It looks like there will be a wall. I have in mind the wall with Mexico.

There will be no Pacific Partnership. Analysts explain that it was easy for Trump to cancel the Pacific Partnership agreement because it hasn’t been ratified by Congress yet. But what about transatlantic partnership – how will he deal with that?

He’s started dismantling Obamacare. Piece by piece for now. But will they disassemble it entirely? No one knows.

Trump is now showing that he is sticking to his pre-election promises. He needs to show this. Will he stick to them all? I think he won’t keep all of them.

But after all, another piece is visible here. He offered voters a program of revolutionary changes for America for the benefit of ordinary people. I’ll underline “ordinary.” In Ancient Rome, they were called “plebs,” plebeians, without negative contempt. But he is simply a billionaire. He is, as the American idiom says, “filthy rich.”

He lives in a mansion on three floors of Trump Tower. Inside, all of these rooms converge similarly as in big Orthodox churches. Gold and red. The gold shines in your eyes.

But he still proposed a revolutionary program. Sooner or later, and sooner rather than later, the discrepancy between his filthy richness, all the gold, couches, and curved furniture on the one hand, and the revolutionary program on the other, will irritate the American rednecks, the American sans-culottes, the plebs. They won’t have enough of Trump. They’ll want an ascetic president. They’ll want exactly this. And they’ll have to get rid of his Melania and boy.

Or here’s what’s interesting: his unwillingness to disclose his tax returns. Either he has too much money, or he lost a lot of money and now lives in debt. He is afraid, for one of these reasons, to make his tax files public. If he isn’t afraid, then why is he so stubbornly refusing to disclose them? According to American laws, he can choose not to disclose them. But he’s taken to pandering to the people. So pander: show what you have behind your soul!?

In short, the question is this; here is the thought: Does filthy rich Trump have enough to fulfill his campaign promises to the American sans-culottes, the vatniks [3], the plebs, the rednecks, for long?


[1] A reference to the scandalous moment when Hillary Clinton passed out while leaving the 2016 9/11 memorial early.

[2] Limonov’s political party is called « The Other Russia »

[3] « Vatnik », is a derogatory term used by Ukrainians to deride the largely working-class population of Donbass for their.

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Peskov: Chinese rockets on Russia’s border? No problem.

Posted: 24 Jan 2017 03:10 AM PST
January 24, 2017 – Fort Russ News –
RIA Novosti, translated by J. Arnoldski –

Moscow does not perceive China’s development of its armed forces as a threat. This was stated by Russian Presidential Press-Secretary Dmitry Peskov in his commentary on media reports about the deployment of Chinese intercontinental ballistic missiles on the border with Russia.

On Tuesday, the Chinese newspaper Global Times wrote of the appearance of photos on the internet depicting the Chinese-made DF-41 intercontinental ballistic missile. According to media reports, one of three of these rockets is deployed in the northeastern province of Heilongjiang which borders Russia.

The DF-41 is a solid-fuel, ground-based mobile ICBM with a maximum range of more than 10,000 kilometers. It can be equipped with multiple individually-guided warheads.

Peskov noted that China is a strategic ally of Russia as well as a partner in political and trade-economic terms.

“We value our relationship. Without a doubt, we do not perceive any actions in terms of developing China’s armed forces or, if this information is true, military build-up in China, as a threat to our country,” Peskov stated.




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