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Veterans For Peace at the Women’s March

Hundreds of Veterans For Peace members attended marches all over the country on Saturday January 21st. In D.C., VFP marched in a contingent of progressive veteran and military family groups, including: IVAW, MFSO, Common Defense, Beyond the Choir and Black Knights Men’s Choir.

A central part of the mission of Veterans For Peace is make visible the cost of war. The U.S. military has an epidemic of military sexual trauma. Veterans Affairs report that 1 in 4 women respond « yes, » that they experienced MST, when screened by their VA provider. Keep in mind these numbers only reflect women who have chosen to report sexual assault and harassment.

Women face discrimination and harassment around the world in most every society. Veterans For Peace is appalled that the new Commander and Chief and President will be a man who has proven himself to be hostile to women’s rights and shown disregard to understanding his own misogynist behavior. Trump is a reflection that our society must change. We must fight sexism and build inclusive and fair communities. We stand with women at home and abroad for safety, and full access to their human rights.

If you have photos of your chapter, upload them to our photo share!

Did your local media feature (or snap a photo) of VFP members at marches in your city? Email Colleen!

Zinn Fund Request for Proposals

The Howard Zinn Fund for Peace and Justice was founded to support grass-roots projects that make demonstrated changes for greater peace and justice.

The Howard Zinn Fund for Peace and Justice seeks proposals from VFP Chapters and members working on bold new approaches to resisting the causes of war. While we are open to funding any project which fits the VFP mission, we are particularly interested in working with chapters to:

Increase diversity of membership and build new coalitions at the chapter level,
Resist fossil fuel projects at a local level,
Promote reconciliation and reparations for war crimes.

We will fund projects not related to the above items, and we do not want to dissuade any chapter or national member with a good idea and a plan of action from applying.
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Take the Declaration of Peace!

World Beyond War has recently released a pledge to help towards advocating for end to all wars.

Take the Pledge Today!

« I understand that wars and militarism make us less safe rather than protect us, that they kill, injure and traumatize adults, children and infants, severely damage the natural environment, erode civil liberties, and drain our economies, siphoning resources from life-affirming activities. I commit to engage in and support nonviolent efforts to end all war and preparations for war and to create a sustainable and just peace. »
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A Request from VFP-ROCK

VFP-ROCK sent a letter and request to all members to help futher the work of the Okinawan people.

« Warm greetings from Okinawa. Two resolutions opposing yet more base construction on Okinawa, Resolutions 2016-9 and 2016-20 were passed by acclamation at the convention, with less than ten opposing votes each in the national polling. This was reported in the local Okinawan newspapers and television, giving great encouragement to the demilitarization movement in Okinawa. As the US military occupation of Okinawa enters year 71, much gratitude goes to the US chapters of VFP for their solidarity and advocacy.

Now that the resolutions have been officially approved by the membership, it is time for us to ask each chapter to take some form of action on this, to the degree possible. »

See the Full Letter and Take Action

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Updates from the Compassion Campaign

The San Diego Veterans For Peace Compassion Campaign, an outreach effort to give a sleeping bag set to each of the 9000+ homeless in San Diego, began in December 2010 and continues indefinitely.

The outreach effort began after active veterans in the San Diego Veterans For Peace chapter became alarmed at the life-threatening living conditions homeless veterans and others endure on the streets and under the interstate overpasses in downtown San Diego.

« On a cold night in January I joined Stan Levin and Gil Field delivering sleeping bags to the San Diego homeless, what we call the compassion campaign. Dealing directly with the homeless is painful because there they are in our faces with their cold, hunger and suffering laid bare. What’s surprising is the number of people with just a thin blanket that will decline a sleeping bag because others nearby need it more. How ironic that people with nothing can have more compassion than those of us with plenty. » Read the full update
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Oregon VFP Members Assemble a Peace Dove

Chapter members in Oregon recently marched in the Martin Luther King, Jr march. They assembled a « Peace Dove » as part of their contingent.

They wrote up a « How To » for other potential members to assemble the Dove.

« Flying this Peace Dove will really catch everyone’s attention! Especially children. »- Jim Woods, Chapter 109

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Do You Have a Great Resource?

We want to hear from you!

We are hoping to include a helpful resource in our weekly VFP E-News Do you have a resource that you have found useful in your work for peace? A great movie? Good guides to build organizing skills? Let us know!

Please send Resources that can be accessed online or are available to folks across the country.

Email Colleen:

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Veterans For Peace at the Women’s March

¡Presente! Charlie Liteky
Zinn Fund Seeking Proposals!
Stop the Privatization of the VA!
Take the Declaration of Peace
Chapter 106 Hosts « Trump-Era Texas » Tour
A Request from VFP-ROCK
VFP Members at the Sabal Trail Pipeline Struggle
Updates From the Compassion Campaign
Get Your VFP Logo Beanie!
How to Assemble a Peace Dove
You’ve Been Busy! More Member Highlights!
2017 Peace Essay Contest
Do You Have a Useful Resource?
Save the Dates: Upcoming Events

¡Presente! Charlie Liteky

Charlie Liteky passed away on Friday, January 20th, 2017. Charlie was an Army chaplain in Vietnam who won the Medal of Honor for rescuing more than 20 wounded men but later gave it back in protest and became a life long peace activist.

Charlie was a huge hero to many who knew him in the Anti-War Movement. Not only did he give back his Medal of Honor (which was presented to him by President Lyndon Johnson for saving the lives of many soldiers in Vietnam) he also fasted for over 40 days with S. Brian Wilson, Duncan Murphy and George Mizo in 1986 on the steps of The Capitol Building in Washington DC – in their: ‘VETERANS FAST FOR LIFE’ – protesting U.S. policy in Central America. Charlie also participated many times in protesting: ‘The School of The Americas’, located at Fort Benning, Georgia and was arrested and sent to prison for crossing the line at Fort Benning. Charlie was long-time friends with S. Brian Willson, Father Roy Bourgeois, David Hartsough and many others in the anti-war movement.

In 2003, he traveled to Baghdad with other peace activists to bear witness to the U.S. war in Iraq. He published « An Open Letter to the U.S. Military » in objection to the war.

Chapter 27, Minneapolis, MN is asking chapters to light a candle this weekend to remember Charlie and his contribution to peace and justice.


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Stop the Privatization of the VA

Express strong opposition to recommendations by the Commission on Care that will weaken the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system and significantly increase the share of veterans’ care provided outside of the VA. Proposals to shift funds to private contractors and for-profit care will take desperately needed resources away from our veterans, and should be rejected.

Read Buzz Davis latest piece: « VA Has New Secretary & What’s The Threat of Privatization? »

Sign the Petition
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Chapter 106 Co-Hosts « Trump-Era Texas Tour »

Medea Benjamin, « one of America’s most committed — and most effective — fighters for human rights » and Veterans For Peace member Ann Wright, retired US Army colonel and former US diplomat known for resigning from the State Department in opposition to the Iraq war, are touring Texas to speak about:


Click here to see dates of the Texas Tour.

Tour hosted by CODEPINK Texas and Veterans For Peace Ch. 106. Contact: Leslie Harris,
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VFP Members from Savannah and Gainesville at the Sabal Trail Pipeline Struggle

« This is a war on our planet. We are trying to get the American public, a large portion of whom are climate-change deniers, to realize that this fight against the planet is the No. 1 problem of our entire species, » Griffin said. « We as an anti-war and peace organization are here to support the local people who are fighting this pipeline. »

Check out the full story and links to the news coverage.
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2017 Peace Essay Contest!

The West Suburban (Chicago) Faith-Based Peace Coalition is sponsoring a Peace Essay Contest with a $1,000.00 award to the winner, $300 for the runner-up, and $100 for third place. Essays have to be directed to a person who can help promote knowledge of the Kellogg-Briand Pact (KBP) and, from whom a response is expected. Essays will be judged not only on the quality of the essay but on the impact of the response. Everyone is eligible to participate; there are no restrictions regarding age or country of residence.

Find out the details of the contest!

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Stay Warm with VFP Logo Beanies!

Restocked in the VFP online store — VFP logo beanies!

Stay warm at marches, rallies, and sit-ins while representing Veterans For Peace.

Only $16 — All proceeds support VFP’s ongoing work.

If you already have a beanie, we want to see you! Snap a shot and email it to Casey!

Shop the VFP Store Today!
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You’ve Been Busy! More Member Highlights

Chapter 168 Tables at Kind Fair

San Diego Marches in the MLK Parade

Chapter 89 Veterans For Peace Nashville is pleased to announce a 1/2 day retreat on Saturday March 11

Chapter 47 hosts a VFP Panel « Love The World To Peace »

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Save the Dates: Upcoming Events

Feb 6-12 – Travel for Activists: Cuba. See itinerary and prices. Contact Jim Ryerson,

March 5-21 – Veterans For Peace Annual Trip to Vietnam

March 11 – Half Day VFP Retreat in Nashville: contact Joey King:

April 4 – 50th Anniversary of MLK, Jr.’s « Beyond Vietnam » Speech

April 7-9 – Global Network Conference: « Pivot Toward War: U.S. Missile Defense & the Weaponization of Space ». Huntsville, AL

Aug 9-13 – VFP Annual Convention-« Education Not Militarization », Chicago, IL. There will be a concert the evening of the 13th, so plan to stay the evening of the 13th! More details to follow soon!

Veterans For Peace, 1404 N. Broadway, St. Louis, MO 63102

Veterans For Peace appreciates your tax-exempt donations.


Auteur : erlande

68 ans;45 ans d'expérience dans la communication à haut niveau;licencié en lettres classiques;catholique;gaulliste de gauche à la Malraux;libéral-étatiste à la Jacques Rueff;maître:Saint Thomas d'Aquin:pro-vie sans concession.Centres 'intérêt avec connaissances:théologie,metaphysie,philosophies particulières,morale,affectivité,esthétique,politique,économie,démographie,histoire,sciences physique:physique,astrophysique;sciences de la vie:biologie;sciences humaines:psychologie cognitive,sociologie;statistiques;beaux-arts:littérature,poésie,théâtre,essais,pamphlets;musique classique.Expériences proffessionnelles:toujours chef et responsable:chômage,jeunesse,toxicomanies,énergies,enseignant,conseil en communication:para-pubis,industrie,services;livres;expérience parallèle:campagne électorale gaulliste.Documentation:5 000 livres,plusieurs centaines d'articles.Personnalité:indifférent à l'argent et aux biens matériels;généraliste et pas spécialiste:de minimis non curat praetor;pas de loisirs,plus de vacances;mémoire d'éléphant,pessimiste actif,pas homme de ressentiment;peur de rien sauf du jugement de Dieu.Santé physique:aveugle d'un oeil,l'autre très faible;gammapathie monoclonale stable;compressions de divers nerfs mal placés et plus opérable;névralgies violentes insoignables;trous dans les poumons non cancéreux pour le moment,insomniaque.Situation matérielle:fauché comme les blés.Combatif mais sans haine.Ma devise:servir.Bref,un apax qui exaspère tout le monde mais la réciproque est vraie!

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