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Blood bath at north front of Donbass; Ukrainian Army continually attacking, intending to relaunch larger war
Ostashko: Russia should wait out the coming global disorder
« Stop Poroshenko » – Donbass parliaments appeal to Trump, Putin, Merkel
The Trump Effect in Donbass: Poroshenko juggles heavy losses and failed diplomacy
Marwa Osman to RT: US actions in Yemen are strictly illegal (VIDEO)

Blood bath at north front of Donbass; Ukrainian Army continually attacking, intending to relaunch larger war

Posted: 31 Jan 2017 12:39 PM PST
January 31, 2017 – Fort Russ News –

– Christelle NEANT in DØNiPRESS, translated by Tom Winter –

Following yesterday’s continuous firing on the northern periphery of Donetsk and Makeyevka, which resulted in several deaths and injuries among civilians and soldiers of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), negotiations took place last night in an attempt to re-establish the ceasefire.

After confirmation from the DPR side that it had ceased firing, the Ukrainian army traitorously bombarded the territory of the republic.

At 2000 hours, after an artillery preparation, the enemy sent two platoons attacking the positions of the DPR located between Yasinovataya and Avdeyevka, with covering fire from mortar and tanks. The attackers fell in the middle of a minefield, and had three dead and five wounded. Continuing their attack despite these losses, they lost a total of at least 15 dead and 30 wounded.

As the positions of the DPR army held up well despite these losses, the enemy attempted to make a diversion by starting to massively bomb the periphery of Donetsk and Makeyevka, with among other things, weapons prohibited by the Minsk accords, i.e. artillery of 122 mm and 152 mm and mortars of 82 mm and 120 mm.

According to the intelligence services of the DPR, in view of the demoralization of the Ukrainian soldiers following the heavy losses in the Ukrainian army in the last two days, the Ukrainian command has decided to use Right-Sektor units as cannon fodder. The soldiers of the RPD recorded a strange behavior on the part of these soldiers, most certainly under the influence of drugs or intoxicated.

Following this new failure, the Ukrainian army began firing farther north in front of Debaltsevo, where fighting is also taking place.

Following this disaster, and after receiving the report of the losses in the Ukrainian army during the last 48 hours, Poroshenko returned urgently from Germany.

The DPR’s intelligence services had access to the report of the Ukrainian Chief of Staff Muzhenko, which was forwarded to the so-called Ukrainian President, concerning the actual losses of the Ukrainian army for the days of January 29 and 30.

According to information obtained there are currently in Ukrainian military morgues and hospitals:
– Selydove Morgue – 29 corpses of Ukrainian soldiers;
– Krasnoarmeysk Morgue – 41 corpses Ukrainian soldiers;
– Chasov Yar Mobile Military Hospital No. 65 – 62 wounded soldiers;
– Mobile Mobile Hospital No. 66 mobile of Novyi Trud – 8 dead and 14 wounded soldiers
Total: 78 dead and 76 wounded

To this must be added the losses of Right Sektor last night in Adveyevka, ie more than 15 dead and 30 injured … A total current (which is still likely to be revised upwards), 93 deaths and 106 Injured on the Ukrainian side.

Despite this bloodbath, today from 4 am, after an artillery preparation, the enemy continued its attacks in the industrial zone of Avdeevka. With three platoons they tried to circumvent the positions of the army of the DPR by the flank. The DPR army returned fire to contain the enemy.

Following the bombing of Donetsk, Gorlovka, Yasinovataya and Makeyevka, six houses were damaged, as at 242 Kouibycheva Street, where the roof of a 9-storey building was hit by a 122 mm shell, and a gas pipeline was damaged in Yakolevka. There are two wounded among the civilians. Rails have also been damaged near the station, and several localities or districts of Donetsk are without electricity.

The actual losses of the Ukrainian army are kept hidden from the public in order to avoid causing panic among the Ukrainian armed forces and the population. To justify such losses, Poltorak said they had advanced 10 meters when in reality they lost.

On the side of the army of the DPR we had 4 dead and 7 wounded during the attacks on the positions located between Yasinovataya and Avdeyevka.

In order to allow the repair work, the DPR proposed to establish a ceasefire, which it already respects, to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe. But this morning, new shots hit Donetsk, cutting off electricity from the Zasyadko mine and blocking 203 miners underground. The miners are being evacuated.

At the same time, the reconnaissance units of the DPR;; army saw right Sector units firing multiple Grad rocket launchers at positions of the regular Ukrainian army, causing panic in their ranks. The goal is of course to accuse the army of the RPD of being responsible for these shots.

And at 1120 hours the Ukrainian army fired 120 Grad rockets at Yasinovataya and its periphery, in addition to 120 mm mortars, and 152 mm artillery. And an hour earlier, the Ukrainian armed forces tried to break through the lines of the DPR in the South near Kominternovo. The units of the 36th Marine Brigade and Right Sector had 14 dead and dozens of wounded, and retired in disaster.

As we can see in spite of the hecatomb, the Ukrainian authorities are determined to carry out to the end their suicidal logic with war to excuse their real problems. The specter of large-scale war, as the inhabitants of Donbass faced it in 2014, is back …

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Ostashko: Russia should wait out the coming global disorder

Posted: 31 Jan 2017 09:48 AM PST
January 31, 2017 – Fort Russ –
Ruslan Ostashko, Live Journal – translated by J. Arnoldski –

I smile at those American, European, and even Russian journalists and politicians who are shocked by Trump’s behavior. This is real shock. And the point is not even his statements, his Twitter posts, or decrees. The problem is something entirely different. They are shocked that a politician has showed up who actually delivers on his promises. Since literally his first day in office, he has kept and fulfilled them.

He could care less about the opinion of journalists, activists’ protests, the angry trolls on the internet, or even the opinions of Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande. He promised to build a wall on the border with Mexico, and now a decree on this is already ready. He promised to ban refugees from several Middle Eastern countries, and he did, despite the terrible scandal that has erupted in the media.

In fact, Trump’s critics don’t understand his main chip: his voters simply love when the liberal public in the US and Europe are writhing in anger and spitting poisonous saliva in television studios and newspapers. For the new American President’s voters and supporters, every tear of Madonna, Rihanna, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain are proof that Trump is real, that Trump is not like all the rest, and that Trump is exactly what America and the whole world need. When Merkel and Hollande criticize Trump for banning refugees, they’re primarily hurting themselves and showing that US-Europe relations have no future.

The new US President is a living rebuke to European leaders, and a big problem for their election campaigns. European propaganda has for so long told European voters about how good and wonderful the US is. Now voters will reasonably demand that European politicians repeat Trump’s steps, which they would never allow themselves to do. If Merkel or Hollange ban refugees along the American model, then Uncle Soros will leave them with no candy and maybe even flogged in the stables.

This new era could give birth to new, hitherto unthinkable alliances which seemed absolutely crazy just a few months ago. For example, Trump ordered the Pentagon not only to develop a 30-day program for completely destroying ISIS, but also a program for drawing in new forces to fight ISIS. In this case, “new forces” is a kind of euphemism for Russia, because nobody else is a suitable candidate. Trump needs a shining victory over ISIS, and he can achieve it only with the full cooperation of Russia. The destruction of ISIS would give the new team in the White House a very strong trump card for domestic political squabbles, deprive the Clinton group of a very important geopolitical tool, and give Trump the opportunity to concentrate American forces on a trade war – and maybe even a hot war- with China.

For now, Trump is earnestly fulfilling his promises and, most likely, he really will go for a tough confrontation with China. Without this, it’s impossible to fulfill the main point of his presidential program for the part of the elite that brought Trump to power. This point is namely returning manufacturing and American companies’ taxes to the US. China will be an inevitable victim of this policy of American-style de-globalization.

Trump’s desire to put China on its knees and his squabble with Europe are already leading to unexpected results. The US President wasn’t at the recent gathering of the world elite in Davos, the leader of the Chinese Communist Party was, who proceeded to speak in defense of globalization and against US isolationism. American journalists wrote that the world has gone mad: the Chinese leader is in favor of free trade while the US is erecting trade barriers.

The common enemy in the face of the new Washington administration could temporarily unite the EU and China in a conditional alliance, even though this alliance will have very little leverage on Washington.

But the most important is understanding that the new world is a world of disorder, in which the old plans don’t always work and alliances are determined not by common interests, but common enemies. The wisest thing Russia could do in contemporary circumstances is quietly stand on the sidelines while the US, China, the EU, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Israel, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan, and a number of other countries go for each other’s throats. For at least a time we still need to spare our forces, resources, and people.

I’d really like to believe that the lessons of the two world wars will benefit us. In the coming global disorder, we do not need to be a hero with a drawn sword, but profit – preferably from all sides of the conflict. Our descendants will thanks us for this.

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« Stop Poroshenko » – Donbass parliaments appeal to Trump, Putin, Merkel

Posted: 31 Jan 2017 09:12 AM PST
January 31, 2017 – Fort Russ –
RIA Novosti – translated by J. Arnoldski –

Vladimir Degtyarenko and Denish Pushilin, the chairmen of the People’s Councils (parliaments) of the self-declared Lugansk and Donetsk People’s Republics, have appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Donald Trump, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to “stop Prooshenko.”

As the Lugansk Information Center reports, the DPR and LPR urge these leaders to “force Poroshenko to cease his criminal actions against the people of Donbass,” stop shelling civilians, and end the economic blockade.

“This must be done before it is too late! Before ecological and humanitarian catastrophe grips our land, stop this big mess! Stop Poroshenko! Save the people of Donbass!,” the appeal reads.

Earlier today, Donbass militiamen and Ukrainian security forces announced that the situation in Donbass has worsened. Both sides of the conflict blame each other for the increasing intensity of attacks and offensive attempts. The situation is close to a humanitarian catastrophe. The residents of Avdeevka have been left without water, light, and heat due to shelling.

On Tuesday, the Armed Forces of Ukraine twice attempted to break through the positions of the Donbass militia. As a result, the DPR’s Ministry of Defense reported, more than 25 Ukrainian soldiers were killed.

The Kremlin has stated that Moscow is concerned by Kiev’s aggressive actions in Donbass which are undermining the Minsk Agreements. Russian Presidential Press Secretary, Dmitry Peskov, stated that Russia has reliable information that the attack near Avdeevka was started by “independent Ukrainian brigades” supported by the Ukrainian armed forces.

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The Trump Effect in Donbass: Poroshenko juggles heavy losses and failed diplomacy

Posted: 31 Jan 2017 08:59 AM PST
January 31, 2017 –
By Eduard Popov for Fort Russ – translated by J. Arnoldski –

Since Fort Russ readers rather well know the situation prevailing in Donbass, I’ll take the liberty of refraining from regurgitating facts and details. Instead, I dedicate today’s commentary to two unfolding events in and around Donbass. I base my commentary on media sources, social networks in the DPR and Ukraine, and on insider information I receive from Donetsk – Dr. Eduard Popov

The military situation in the Donetsk People’s Republic

Battles have not quieted down since January 29th. The Ukrainian Armed Forces’ tactic of gradually seizing neutral territories (“creeping offensive”) appears to have highly infatuated Ukrainian officers and patriots in the rear and is now taking on a life of its own. The result has been that the Ukrainians have convinced themselves that Donbass forces are weak and therefore decided to undertake a massive offensive. This is a fatal mistake.

According to reports from sources in the DPR, the republic’s army has suffered heavy losses. Alexander Zhuchkovsky has reported dozens of killed. But the UAF and neo-Nazis’ losses are several times higher. Today, the DPR’s intelligence services intercepted and published a secret report by the ATO headquarters for President Poroshenko. The total number of casualties among the UAF over the past two days of firefights is estimated at 78 dead and several dozen wounded. Let me draw your attention to the fact that we are talking about the bodies of Ukrainian soldiers that have been recovered and taken to the morgue in nearby and far-off cities. The number of bodies that weren’t recovered from the battlefield while under artillery fire, the number of bodies completely destroyed by the explosion of military vehicles (tanks, volley artillery, etc.), and the number of wounded still in hospitals – these figures remain unknown. The real figures of the irreversible losses of the UAF over the past two days of fighting are probably no less than 100 men.

As Zhuchkovsky and DPR fighters themselves have reported, the Ukrainians have been surprised by the stiff resistance put up by the republic’s forces. Hitherto, the DPR army had heartbreakingly refused to respond « eye for an eye » to the UAF’s provocative fire. On January 29th and 30th, however, Donbass’ artillery finally put in heart and soul and laid down a “whirlwind of fire” (Zhuchkovsky’s expression) on Ukrainian positions.

The general result: although the situation in the combat zone is complex and fraught with escalation and large losses, overall it is going well for the Donbass republics.

Thus, political conflict in Ukraine moves to the fore.

Poroshenko’s gamble

As Ukraine’s military adventure fails, Poroshenko is starting to playing a diplomatic gamble. Poroshenko’s efforts on January 31st fit into this formula. First, he urgently interrupted his visit to Germany and meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel. Then he called to convene the Tripartite Commission (the « Normandy Four » minus Russia). The Ukrainian foreign ministry today issued a statement which routinely accused Russia of escalating the conflict in Donbass. Without a doubt, soon will follow a Ukrainian appeal to the UN and other international organizations.

But I’m not going to talk about the stupidity of such speculations. Even Ukrainian officers admit that the offensive was undertaken by the Ukrainian side. Russia does not benefit (especially not now) from an escalation of the situation in Donbass. The only beneficiary is the ruling Ukrainian regime.

According to his press service’s official statement, Poroshenko was forced to urgently return to Ukraine to address the “humanitarian situation” in Avdeevka which, let us note, occurred as a result of none other than the Ukrainian army’s adventurous actions on Poroshenko’s orders.

The situation in Avdeevka and the massive losses that the Ukrainian army is incurring nevertheless give the Ukrainian president an occasion to play the role of the victim and cry to the world (the West) to punish the offender (Russia). If the UAF had not met such tough resistance on its attack and if the offensive had gone deep into the republics of Donbass, then Poroshenko would simply conjure another formula justifying Ukraine and blaming Russia. To be more precise, such a formula has long since been hatched and is waiting its turn.

The main actor for whom this whole bloody spectacle is being played is US President Donald Trump. We’ve already repeatedly written for Fort Russ on how Poroshenko is attempting to provoke a war in Donbass in order to prevent normal dialogue between the US and Russia. Allow us to recall the content of one of our articles, in which my sources in the DPR’s military circles forewarned that they expect a massive UAF offensive just before or immediately after Trump’s inauguration.

Poroshenko’s regime is practically at a stalemate on both the international and domestic political fronts. Before the new team of American diplomats appointed by Trump starts working and Trump’s new European policy principles swing into action, Poroshenko will try to win over the American president. His method? By literally producing the fait accompli of “pro-American” Ukraine (in reality, pro-liberal and “pro-democratic”) needing support in Donbass. The Americans call this trick “wag the dog.”

Donald Trump has barely had time to settle into the office of US President, yet his name has already started to bear fruit in Donbass. I believe that the consequences of this factor will be devastating – if not for Ukraine, then for the ruling Poroshenko regime.

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Marwa Osman to RT: US actions in Yemen are strictly illegal (VIDEO)

Posted: 31 Jan 2017 02:17 AM PST
January 31, 2017 – Fort Russ –
Marwa Osman, RT –

Just yesterday, the news broke that a US commando was killed in Yemen on January 29th during an « anti-terrorist operation » in Al-Qaeda-controlled territory. While the US’ involvement in Saudi Arabia’s war on Yemen has been well-known for a year, this is the first instance in which the presence of US troops on the ground has been confirmed, RT reports.

Political commentator and journalist Marwa Osman suggests that « this is a huge development, but not the first time. »

Commenting on the operation itself, Marwa explained: « According to the reports given out by the US, it is said that they killed 3 leaders sand 14 Al-Qaeda members, but again we have reports coming from the ground that at least 30 civilians were killed. »

After citing different reports, Osman called the operation into question, saying that « yes, it is good to fight Al-Qaeda, but how and when? » The number of casualties, the carrying out of the operation itself, and the location, according to Osman, all suggest that the operation’s integrity should be put into question.

But the biggest question of all, in Osman’s words: « How come the US is involved in this actual ground assault in Yemen without even acceptance or clearance from Congress itself? »

When asked just how « legitimate » the actions of the US are on Yemeni soil, Osman stated clearly: « Even if it is against Al-Qaeda, it is illegal. It can be said that it is a ground incursion against the sovereignty of an independent nation that has been afflicted by war for the past two years », a war which the US has fueled against Yemen by arming and supplying the Saudis.

« This is not a civil war, » Osman clarified, « and the Houthis are not rebels. » The Saudis have bombed and blockaded Yemen with US support for two years.

In conclusion, Osman said: « Now we have actual US boots on the ground. This is a very serious development. This development should be held responsible by Congressmen. They should hold their government responsible. And the people of the US should know that their tax money are going to kill other nations, especially nations like Yemen. »

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