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ICH: The Coming Clash With Iran

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 » It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable and to propagandize the American people to hate, so we will let the establishment spend any amount of money on arms.  » –
John Stockwell

« Even open-minded people will often find themselves unable to take seriously the likes of [Noam] Chomsky, [Edward] Herman, [Howard] Zinn and [Susan] George on first encountering their work; it just does not seem possible that we could be so mistaken in what we believe. The individual may assume that these writers must be somehow joking, wildly over-stating the case, paranoid, or have some sort of axe to grind. We may actually become angry with them for telling us these terrible things about our society and insist that this simply ‘can’t be true’. It takes real effort to keep reading, to resist the reassuring messages of the mass media and be prepared to consider the evidence again. » – David Edwards

« The corporate grip on opinion in the United States is one of the wonders of the Western world. No First World country has ever managed to eliminate so entirely from its media all objectivity – much less dissent. » – Gore Vidal

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February 03/04, 2017
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This Is How Russia and the United States are Cooperating in Syria
By Federico Pieraccini
The American deep state has deep, hidden links with terrorism in Syria. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46373.htm
New Sanctions on Iran Announced by Trump Regime
By Rebecca Shabad
« Iran continues to « threaten » U.S. friends and allies in the region, » Flynn said. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46365.htm
Demonizing Iran
Trump Press Secretary Falsely Accuses Iran of Attacking U.S. Navy Vessel, an Act of War
By Zaid Jilani, Alex Emmons
This, of course, is how U.S. starts war. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46368.htm
The Coming Clash With Iran
By Pat Buchanan
Are the Saudis entitled to immunity from retaliation in wars they start? http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46375.htm
No, Trump Did Not Make a Mistake in Yemen
By David Swanson
What in the hell is the matter with you people? http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46374.htm
Steve Bannon’s Apocalyptic Worldview About Civilization’s Coming ‘Trial By Fire’
By Sarah K. Burris
Bannon believes the only way to usher in a new world order with a « massive reckoning » that results in conflict. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46367.htm
Shocked by Donald Trump’s ‘Travel Ban’? Israel Has Had a Similar Policy for Decades
By Ben White
The policies that Trump is unleashing on the US have been pursued by the state of Israel for decades. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46369.htm
The CIA’s New Deputy Director Ran a Black Site for Torture
By Glenn Greenwald
She had an « extensive role » in torturing detainees. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46376.htm
Trump is the Less Effective Evil
By Margaret Kimberley
Trump simply continues a U.S. policy that « makes countries unlivable and then tells fleeing victims that the door is shut. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46370.htm
The Berkeley Incident
By Mike Whitney
How many similar experiments will transpire before Trump puts his foot down and bans demonstrations altogether? http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46372.htm
Has The U.S. Become a Prison?
Another Travel Ban: IRS Moves To Revoke Passports For Unpaid Taxes
By Robert W. Wood
The law isn’t limited to criminal tax cases, or even cases where the IRS thinks you are trying to flee. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46366.htm
« Outside World » According to the Western « Progressive Liberals »
By Andre Vltchek
They have no ideology, and no beliefs. Their passions are shallow and short-lived. Their world is surreal. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/46371.htm

Hard News

Turkey, US-coalition jets ‘kill 47 ISIL fighters’:
Military says a total of 47 fighters killed in northern Syria in clashes and air raids in the past 24 hours.

Warplanes kill 12 fighters in Syria’s Idlib:
Unidentified warplanes struck positions for the hardline extremist Jund al-Aqsa group southeast of Idlib city, near the village of Sarmin, the Observatory, a British-based war monitoring group, said.

U.N. refugee chief opposes ‘safe zones’:
« Let’s not waste time planning safe zones that will not be set up because they will not be safe for people to go back, » said Filippo Grandi, the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

Iraq; 9 Islamic militants killed in Anbar artillery shelling:
The group has been reportedly sustaining serious losses in personnel, equipment and finances, and reports say it had been ravaged with divisions and infighting, with some fighters also executed or demoted for escaping the battlefield.

Trump’s Yemen attack killed civilians including newborn baby: Report:
Human rights group Reprieve says as many as 23 civilians, including baby boy, died on Sunday raid in Yemen’s Yakla

Military botches release of video seized in Yemen raid:
The US military is scrambling to explain an embarrassing mix-up after it released video obtained from Sunday’s raid in Yemen that turned out to have already been published online.

Trump regime sends navy destroyer to patrol off Yemen having increased tensions with Iran: officials:
The United States has sent a Navy destroyer to patrol off the coast of Yemen to protect waterways from Houthi militia aligned with Iran, two U.S. officials told Reuters on Friday

Trump says ‘nothing is off the table’ for response to Iran:
Trump made the comment in response to a question about whether he would consider military options to respond to Iran, a day after his national security adviser put Tehran on « notice. »

Iran takes reciprocal measures against new US sanctions:
Iran has slammed as illegal the recent US sanctions over Tehran’s defensive missile program and spiritual support for Yemen’s Houthi fighters, saying that the Islamic Republic will deliver a « proportionate and reciprocal » response to the move.

Netanyahu scandals reflect corruption at the heart of Israeli society:
Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in danger of being brought down, possibly soon, over what initially appears to be little more than an imprudent taste for Cuban cigars and pink champagne.

‘Hundreds of Rohingyas’ killed in Myanmar crackdown:
Army has carried out mass killings of Muslim minority, UN rights office says, in possible ethnic cleansing.

At least 80 killed in Afghanistan’s Helmand:
At least 15 civilians and 65 militants from the Taliban movement have been killed in clashes during the large-scale security operation in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand province since Wednesday

13 killed in Afghanistan :
A police officer and twelve militants were killed in latest incident of violence in eastern Nangarhar province on Friday.

Eight Afghan policemen from one family killed by colleague;
Some reports claim their killer was a colleague who was secretly working with the Taliban, while one said he was a Taliban fighter who had surrendered.

3 killed as aid agencies warn of ‘humanitarian disaster’:
Ukraine fighting sparks diplomatic crisis: Shells landed in a residential area of the government-held city of Avdiivka on Thursday night and early on Friday morning, in what was described as the heaviest in fighting for two years.

Kiev’s ‘barbaric’ attack on Donetsk in E. Ukraine violates Geneva convention – Russia :
There is no excuse for the recent « barbaric attack on Donetsk, » Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said, adding that Kiev broke « all moral norms » in attacking civilians during the night with Grad missiles.

U.S. Ambassador to U.N. blames Russia for new violence in eastern Ukraine:
« I consider it unfortunate on the occasion of my first appearance here I must condemn the aggressive actions of Russia, » Haley said, making her first public remarks inside the Security Council

Fact or fiction?
Trump gently ‘testing waters’ with sanctions relief amid anti-Russia sentiment – Ron Paul:
Further easing or the outright lifting of sanctions imposed on Russia over alleged meddling in American elections won’t be easy for the new US President, since anti-Russian sentiment is very strong

Paris knife attack sparks fresh warnings of French terror threat:
A man who attempted a knife attack on soldiers guarding the Louvre Museum in Paris was shot and injured on Friday. French media reported that he was believed to have been born in Egypt.

Romania Has Essentially Made Corruption Legal:
Protests started after the current Romanian government passed a law making it almost impossible to convict people in political office for abuse of power.

Norway’s ex-PM held & questioned at US airport over 2014 Iran visit:
Bondevik, who twice served as a Prime Minister of Norway and is still eligible to a diplomatic travel document, was held earlier this week at a Dulles air hub outside Washington DC.

Australia PM: ‘Trump did not hang up’:
Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull tells Ben Fordham on 2GB Radio he’s « disappointed » that details of a call between himself and President Trump were made public.

Trump Ghost Looms Over EU Summit as Leaders Push Back:
Trump loomed over a Mediterranean gathering of European leaders, who used the meeting Friday to hit back at the new administration that has upended trans-Atlantic relations by dismissing the European Union’s validity.

Japan readies package for Trump to help create 700,000 U.S. jobs:
Japan is putting together a package it says could generate 700,000 U.S. jobs and help create a $450-billion market, to present to U.S. President Donald Trump next week, government sources familiar with the plans said.

House votes to strike rule banning guns for some deemed mentally impaired:
The House of Representatives approved its first effort of the new Congress to roll back gun regulations, voting to overturn a rule that would bar gun ownership by some who have been deemed mentally impaired

Trump Regime Will Wave Goodbye To The Dodd Frank Act:
Some mid-sized banks felt the weight of Dodd Frank, as firms with over $10 billion in assets and $50 billion in assets were subjected to increased surveillance.

Trump To Take Aim At Dodd-Frank, Investor Protections Rule :
Trump is expected to sign two directives on Friday, ordering a review of financial industry regulations known as Dodd-Frank and halting implementation of a rule that requires financial advisers to act in the best interests of their clients

Religious Freedom Order Reveals Sweeping Plans to Legalize Discrimination:
The order would create wholesale exemptions for people and organizations who claim religious objections to same-sex marriage, premarital sex, abortion, and trans identity.

« Destroying » the Johnson Amendment is a poor idea, Mr. President:
That’s the 1954 law which restricts churches and other tax exempt, non-profit organizations from certain political activities.

100,000 visas revoked amid Trump regime travel ban: reports:
More than 100,000 visas have been revoked in the wake of the Trump administrations recent travel ban on citizens of seven mainly Muslim countries, according to media reports on Friday.

Bowling Green massacre: Trump aide cites non-existent attack:
A top aide to US President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, has cited a « massacre » which never happened while defending the president’s controversial immigration ban.

Uber CEO quits Trump’s business advisory group:
Uber Technologies Inc Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick, facing criticism from immigration advocates for serving on President Donald Trump’s business advisory group, quit the group on Thursday, the company said.

« Let us be peace and joy »

Tom Feeley
Cost Of war

Number Of Iraqis Slaughtered In US War And Occupation Of Iraq « 1,455,590 »

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America’s War On Iraq:

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 2,858


Cost of War in Iraq & Afghanistan
Total Cost of Wars Since 2001
1,741,210,705,696 http://www.costofwar.com/

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