February 22, 2017 – CERC Weekly Update: »Right is right, even if nobody does it. Wrong is wrong, even if everybody is wrong about it. » – G.K. Chesterton-et varia




February 22, 2017 – CERC Weekly Update



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February 22, 2017

Note from the Assistant Editor:

« The Family-2 »
by Michael O’Brien

We begin this week with a reflection from Dorothy Day on the Catholic attitude towards suffering.  « Suffering borne with courage means to the devout mind a participation in the sufferings of Christ and, if bravely endured, can lighten the sufferings of others. »  See « The Miracle the Man Never Asked For. »

Michael Novak passed away on February 17 at the age of eighty-three.  His friend and fellow Ave Maria professor Michael Pakaluk writes « Remembering Michael Novak, » a touching memoir about a man who taught his students « the importance of sacrificing yourself for the people you love. »  The subsequent piece by Joe Carter, « 5 Facts about Michael Novak, » gives an overview of the life and accomplishments of this great man.

A liberal arts degree (like the one I received at Ave Maria University) is often seen as practically pointless.  But we do not teach classical music, or Latin, or philosophy because of a practical purpose; rather because we have « received a legacy and with it a duty to pass it on … [otherwise] the legacy would die. »  See Roger Scruton’s « The Virtue of Irrelevance. »

We’ve taken a break from Amoris Laetitia news recently, but Fr. Timothy Vaverek writes an insightful piece on the real problem behind the debate: subjectivism, « which seeks to establish the primacy of private judgment as the effective norm for Christian life. »  But the proper judgment of conscience is to wholly accept the teaching of the Church.  See «  What’s Happening — and Where We’re Headed . »

If you haven’t heard of the controversial Milo Yiannopoulos, his is a name which is very much in the news these days.  He was recently scheduled to speak at Berkeley, but a riot broke out and the event was cancelled — not unusual for this « one-man gay rightwing militia » who unapologetically speaks his mind.  Barbara Kay gives a brief intro in « Enter Milo Yiannopoulos, history’s pendulum in action. » – Meaghen Hale


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« Right is right, even if nobody does it. Wrong is wrong, even if everybody is wrong about it. » – G.K. Chesterton

New Resources

The Miracle the Man Never Asked For – Servant of God Dorothy Day – Dorothy Day Selected Writings

The transcendental is thought of often as manifesting itself in signs and wonders, prophecies and voices from the dead.

Remembering Michael Novak – Michael Pakaluk – The Catholic Thing

« See you on the other side! »

Dignitas: The Manners of Humility – Father George W. Rutler – Crisis Magazine

Accounts vary, and a few say that the story about our civil Founders is apocryphal, but it would seem that the story is true.

5 Facts about Michael Novak – Joe Carter – Acton Institute Powerblog

The theologian, scholar, and writer Michael Novak died yesterday at the age of 83. Novak was one of the most influential Catholic thinkers of his generation, and an indefatigable champion of free enterprise, democracy, and liberty.

The Virtue of Irrelevance – Roger Scruton – Future Symphony Institute

How many writers, educators, and opinion formers, urgently wishing to convey the thoughts and feelings that inspire them, have found themselves confronted with the cry « that’s not relevant? »

Saint Robert Southwell, the martyr who brought beauty to England – Meg Hunter-Kilmer – Aleteia

Accounts vary, and a few say that the story about our civil Founders is apocryphal, but it would seem that the story is true.

What’s Happening — and Where We’re Headed – Fr. Timothy V. Vaverek, STD – The Catholic Thing

Determining the precise meaning of the pastoral guidance in « Amoris laetitia » (AL) for the reception of Holy Communion is not the real crisis facing the Church.

Enter Milo Yiannopoulos, history’s pendulum in action – Barbara Kay – National Post

Enter Milo Yiannopoulos, the fascinating, outrageous and irrepressible enfant terrible, progressivism’s spawn and history’s pendulum in action.

Editorials of Interest:

Fifty Shades of Darker Double StandardsCatholic World Report
The Case for ChastityCatholic Stand
The Death of Unconditional LovePublic Discourse
The War on Fat and the Dumb OxCrisis Magazine
Still Waking UpFirst Things

Editorials of Interest

By inviting enemies of Church, papal academies risk perfect stormCruxTwo pontifical academies have invited Paul Erhlich, author of The Population Bomb, and John Bongaarts, an executive of the Population Council, to speak at an upcoming conference, risking not only a PR nightmare but also undercutting the vision of Pope Francis in Laudato Si.

« Facts » and « values » and darkness at noonCatholic World ReportThe moral conflicts that permeate our public policy debates are endless and irresolvable because our culture no longer has a rational, mutually accepted way of getting to moral agreement, writes Philadelphia’s Archbishop Charles Chaput in this exclusive excerpt from his new book.

5 Ways to prepare for Lent — It’s closer than you think!AleteiaTake a page from the Orthodox tradition: get ready now, so you can make the most of Lent.

Peter Kreeft: St Augustine ‘Is a Man for Our Times’NC RegisterPhilosophy professor outlines saint’s burning heart and classic Confessions.

How Can Imperfect Contrition Lead to Perfect Contrition?Catholic StandOne who is imperfectly contrite decides to engage in some human actions that can be actions done solely out of love of God: to have a « firm purpose of amendment » not to sin again and to « avoid the occasions of sin. »

Fifty Shades of Darker Double StandardsCatholic World ReportSurely the same women who were able to bring a half a million of their sisters and supporters together so quickly must be planning another major show of defiance against the latest example of female abuse and misogyny?

Teen Vogue‘s Pro-Abortion Assault on Underage GirlsThe StreamTeen Vogue, a magazine aimed at girls as young as 11 but run by agenda-driven adults, has published a column entitled « What to Get a Friend Post-Abortion. »

The « dark heart » of human-robot companionshipCatholic World ReportThe time to carefully examine the ethics of human-robot interaction is now — before it becomes « the new normal. »

Islamic State vows more attacks on Egypt’s ChristiansCruxAs violence against Christians reaches a climax in Egypt, an Islamic State group affiliate released a video vowing more attacks on the country’s Christians, which he identified as the group’s « favorite prey. » The video shows the suicide bomber who killed nearly 30 people when he attacked a packed church in December.

A dose of reality about the Steve Bannon/Cardinal Burke axisCruxWhile everyone loves a conspiracy theory, reports about an « axis of evil » between Trump mastermind Steve Bannon and American Cardinal Raymond Burke may need to give way to Occam’s razor. The simplest explanation may just be that both are doing what they do, with no need for a cabal.

Ask Not: On Gifts and DebtsFirst ThingsToo many people today have skipped over debts and gone straight to rights. Hence, to ask what you can do for your country seems to be a particularly important question at this juncture of American history.

Abortion, Underlying Myths, and a Skewed Idea About MercyCatholic StandSurely killing one’s children in the sanctuary of the womb is not an acceptable way to manage one’s sexuality.

Cohabitation and Church TeachingCNALiving chastely during your remaining months of engagement will teach you many things about one another. It will help you to grow in the virtues of generous love, sacrificial giving, self-restraint and good communication — virtues which are essential for a good and lasting marriage.

Is Marriage Catechumenate the Church’s Missing ‘Antidote’ for the Marriage Crisis?NC RegisterTalked about by two synods on the family, a new form of marriage formation is finally making headway in the Church, with a boost from Pope Francis.

Is Your Marriage Lacking a Certain Chemical Element?Pelican’s BreastThere is no magic pill that will liven a marriage relationship. Love takes time. It takes sacrifice. And it takes commitment.

The Case for ChastityCatholic StandChastity not only makes our lives more ordered, it also elevates our human loves.

The Death of Unconditional LovePublic DiscourseWhen unconditional love is missing, self-centeredness expands, and sin rushes in to fill the void.

The War on Fat and the Dumb OxCrisis Magazine« Thou Shalt Exercise More » and « Thou Shalt Eat Healthy » have become such forceful exhortations that one would think they were newly-issued 11th and 12th commandments.

A Conversation with Michael NovakYouTubeThe Acton Institute’s annual Acton University conference kicked off on June 12, 2012 with an evening plenary session featuring a conversation with public intellectual, author, and former US Ambassador Michael Novak.

Still Waking UpFirst ThingsFor many of my peers, the pursuit of truth was — and is — diametrically opposed to the pursuit of freedom. Michael Novak destroyed this false dichotomy.

Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman and
St. Justin Martyr, pray for us
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